The Westphoto Podcast – EPISODE 6: Interview with Sebastian Nevols

In this weeks episode we had the opportunity to have a chat with Sebastian Nevols.

Seb is a commercial photographer that spent many years as a full time first assistant to both Nadav Kander and Tim Flach. Seb works for clients such as Arthritis UK, Plan UK, Guardian Weekend, Telegraph Magazine, National Theatre, McLaren Magazine, Audi, Wired, Royal Ascot and Shortlist.

In this episode Seb reflects on his time as an assistant, giving us an insight into his experiences as the first assistant to these very established photographers. Seb also shares with us his journey of becoming an independent photographer and how his previous work experiences within the industry enabled this transition.

The WESTPHOTO team would like to thank Seb for his time and the valuable information and advice.

For more information about Sebastian please follow these links: