The Westphoto Podcast – EPISODE 2: Interview with Zelda Cheatle

For our first interview recording, we were lucky enough to chat with Zelda Cheatle.

As an expert in photography, Zelda has had a multi-facetted career working as a curator, editor, lecturer, and consultant. After several years taking photographs, Zelda began her career at The Photographers’ Gallery in London 1982. From1989-2005 she ran the Zelda Cheatle Gallery, specialising in both traditional and contemporary photographic work. Today, Cheatle curates, reviews and assesses photography on an International basis.

Throughout the episode, we gain more of an insight into Zelda’s career path and the different roles she has taken on. We discuss the realities of running your own gallery, the importance of networking and participating in review sessions, and how to make yourself visible as practicing artist.

The WESTPHOTO team would like to thank Zelda for her time and for gifted us with such valuable information and advice.

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