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This week we have author, artist and educator Michelle Henning. Michelle talks on what she has been finding in the Ilford archive, a recent exhibition she has enjoyed and outlines what she does in her own working practice.

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In this weeks episode we had the opportunity to have a chat with the women from Fresh From Poland.

Fresh From Poland is an art platform created in 2014 dedicated to promoting new Polish photography worldwide. The organisation supports the work of both established and up-and-coming artists through online publications, events, exhibitions, and publications.

In this episode FFP share with us about what it takes to initiate and run a non profit international photography organisation.

The WESTPHOTO team would like to thank Grazynka, Gosia and Kasia for their time and the valuable information and advice.

For more information about Fresh From Poland please follow these links:




In this weeks episode we had the opportunity to have a chat with Sebastian Nevols.

Seb is a commercial photographer that spent many years as a full time first assistant to both Nadav Kander and Tim Flach. Seb works for clients such as Arthritis UK, Plan UK, Guardian Weekend, Telegraph Magazine, National Theatre, McLaren Magazine, Audi, Wired, Royal Ascot and Shortlist.

In this episode Seb reflects on his time as an assistant, giving us an insight into his experiences as the first assistant to these very established photographers. Seb also shares with us his journey of becoming an independent photographer and how his previous work experiences within the industry enabled this transition.

The WESTPHOTO team would like to thank Seb for his time and the valuable information and advice.

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In this weeks episode of the WESTPHOTO podcast, Liv and Anna take on the beast of the east and venture out into snowy London to meet with the photographer Carlotta Cardana.

Whilst Carlotta often shoots editorial commissions, her personal work explores issues surrounding social identity and the relationship people have with their environment.

Throughout the interview Carlotta describes her experience so far as a practicing photographer, reflecting honestly about the struggles one must overcome to financially support personal projects. Whilst we get to know more about Carlotta’s practice, the interview gears more so towards the business side of working as a photographer and how to educate yourself in this area.

Thanks again to Carlotta for being so open with her information and advice.

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The Red Road Project:


This week we had the pleasure of picking Max Barnett’s brain.

Max is an alumni from the University of Westminster’s Photographic Arts course, a photographer and the founder, editor-in-chief and creative director of PYLOT magazine.

This weeks episode strongly focuses on the reality of starting and running a magazine and we are very grateful to Max for openly sharing these experiences with us.

The WESTPHOTO Team would like to thanks Max for his advice and his honesty.

If you want to find out more about Max and PYLOT magazine, please follow these links


Max Barnett




PYLOT Magazine







For episode three of the WESTPHOTO podcast, Liv and Anna speak to the architectural photographer and founder of ‘Miniclick Talks’, Jim Stephenson.

Jim began his career as an architectural technologist, taking photographs to support his practice. After some years he made the choice to start photographing full time and hasn’t looked back since.

Alongside Jim’s freelance work he runs the creative organisation Miniclick, a series of free artist talks held monthly in Brighton, London, and Leeds.

In the recording, Jim explains more about the shift he made from architecture to photography whilst also lending advice for those wanting to make a similar choice. He discusses the impact Miniclick has had on his own art education and speaks candidly about “pressures” of having to work in London in order to maintain and creative career.

We had a great time chatting with Jim and learning more about his work.

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For our first interview recording, we were lucky enough to chat with Zelda Cheatle.

As an expert in photography, Zelda has had a multi-facetted career working as a curator, editor, lecturer, and consultant. After several years taking photographs, Zelda began her career at The Photographers’ Gallery in London 1982. From1989-2005 she ran the Zelda Cheatle Gallery, specialising in both traditional and contemporary photographic work. Today, Cheatle curates, reviews and assesses photography on an International basis.

Throughout the episode, we gain more of an insight into Zelda’s career path and the different roles she has taken on. We discuss the realities of running your own gallery, the importance of networking and participating in review sessions, and how to make yourself visible as practicing artist.

The WESTPHOTO team would like to thank Zelda for her time and for gifted us with such valuable information and advice.

For more info on Zelda follow the links below:


Zelda’s feature for the IñigoArt ‘Collectors at Home’ series:

Zelda’s podcast recording for The British Library series ‘Oral History of British Photography’:

The WESTPHOTO Podcast is hosted by the WESTPHOTO interns Anna-Sophia John and Livia Smith who interview professionals working in the visual arts, discussing their career and relationship with photography. The aim is to highlight a sense of community between the University of Westminster and industry professionals.

For our first episode, Anna and Liv introduce themselves and the series, chatting briefly about the work experience opportunities they have taken on and the questions that crop up regarding life post graduation. The girls discuss the subject of maintaining a creative engagement after finishing university and the practical challenges one faces when trying to do so.

More info on on Anna and Liv can be found below

Happy Listening!

Anna-Sophia John

Livia Smith

In Partnership with Mind in Harrow

The conversation on mental health is one that calls for increasing prevalence. Today, the stigma surrounding the issue of mental illness remains, preventing those, who are struggling to cope, from seeking much needed help and support. By opening up the discussion, we can tackle these social challenges and ensure that no one suffers alone.

Westphoto is proud to present Stepping Stones, a group exhibition, working in partnership with the charity, Mind in Harrow.

Founded in the 1960s, Mind in Harrow offers support to people experiencing emotional distress by providing a range of community services. This includes the ‘Stepping Stones Project’, a programme of leisure-based courses created for Mind service users. The exhibition showcases work made in the Stepping Stones photography, sketching & painting groups. Such activities have helped to give the users a greater control over their own lives, renewed confidence, independence and social inclusion.

In collaboration with this work, students from the University of Westminster’s Media, Art and Design courses were invited to submit individual projects, based on the topic of mental health.
This work features a range of disciplines including illustration, fine art, photography and film.

Through this show, we hope to promote the vital work done by Mind, highlight art’s usage as a therapeutic outlet, and to help widen the dialogue attached to mental wellbeing.


Mind Service Users
Connor Turansky
Dominika Masternak
Elinor Rowley
Evelina Sara Stasyte
Hannah Leadbeater
Katlyn Newman
Mirna Mayer
Patrick Mbabazi
Katie Mitchell
Rosie Lewin
Sarah Joy Dawoud

At WESTPHOTO we are focused on providing Westminster’s photography students with photographic opportunities and assignments. We ensure that our students provide a professional service, deliver the images required and in return we garantee adequate industry payments.

WESTPHOTO supports the students within the School to increase their employment opportunities, enhance soft and hard skills relevant in the photographic industries, increase an understanding of the connection between academic material and the professional workplace and enable networking opportunities with current and future practitioners.

6th Annual WESTPHOTO Photography Prize

2012: State of the Nation

This year the competition focussed on observations, concepts and projects exploring the current state of the UK. We invited students and Alumni from Universities in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to submit their work. We see the Photography Prize as a great opportunity to investigate the current state of affairs throughout the country.

The four Universities were:

University of Westminster,
University of Wales, Newport
Edinburgh Napier University
University of Ulster

Finalists were selected by a panel of judges to exhibit in all four countries.

Prizes were awarded in two categories – single image and project work.

The judges:

Clare Grafik – Head of Exhibitions, The Photographers’ Gallery
Simon Roberts – Photographer
Diane Smyth – Deputy Editor, British Journal of Photography

Short video of the private view on December 6th, 2012
P3 Gallery, Marylebone Road, London


5th Annual WESTPHOTO Photography Prize


This year’s University of Westminster WESTPHOTO Annual Photography Prize – which has ‘Family & The Familiar’ as its theme – promises to be the biggest so far.

The concept of family is constantly changing, with every person forming their own definition. Being familiar gives us confidence and security and is a guarantor for a multi-cultural society. As we learn to negotiate changes and new experiences in our lives the unfamiliar becomes familiar. Through photography we can visualise these changes.
As well as all Westminster photography students, the competition will also be open to those studying photography at the prestigious F+F Schule für Kunst und Mediedesign in Zurich, Switzerland.

The judges are:

Tom Hunter – Artist & Lecturer
Cheryl Newman – Director of Photography at The Telegraph Magazine
Simona Dell’Agli – Artquest


P3 Gallery Space, London, UK
f+F Schule, Zurich, Switzerland

Sponsored by:

Fenner – The paper people
bob books
ONIMAGE – Picture Agency
Hotshoe – Contemporary Photography
Dyson Art Framing
Black Forest Beers
British Journal of Photography


4th Annual WESTPHOTO Photography Prize


Borders define our daily existence; they are created by nature and created by man. Borders control our movements and act as guidelines for everyday life. There are at least two sides to every border. They can be concealed; they can be visible or just exist in our minds. westPHOTO in collaboration with Aalto University, Helsinki and Lette Verein, Berlin invites you to submit your images on the theme of Border. Finalists will be selected by a panel of judges (see below) to exhibit in London, Helsinki and Berlin. Prizes will be awarded in two categories – Single Image and Project Work.

As well as Westminster photography students, the competition will also be open to those studying photography at the prestigious Aalto School of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland as well as the Lette Verein Berlin, Germany.

The judges are:

Cheryl Newman – Photography Director Telegraph Magazine
Edgar Martins – Photographer
Wolfram Schnelle – Director Mummery + Schnelle Gallery


P3 Gallery Space, London, UK
Lette Verein, Berlin, Germany
Aalto School of Art and Design. Helsinki, Finlan

Sponsored by:

Colour Confidence
Peter Watkins Framing
The Printspace
The Letterpress House
ONIMAGE – Picture Agency

3rd Annual WESTPHOTO Photography Prize


Is sustainability a disposable word used by politicians in an attempt to look green? Or is it a symbol of love and friendship, something that is durable and defendable to the last? Can hate be a sustainable thing? When scientist in their science laboratories create powerful drugs and inventions, are they really made to be infinite? And why is a circle a sustainable shape? Hmmm …westPHOTO does not have the answers to these question, but hopes that you do. That is why for its 3rd annual Photography Prize, westPHOTO is inviting all current and past University of Westminster studentsto enter their five best images interpretating ‘sustainability’.The judges: Pat Pope – Photographer Liam Bailey – Photographer Wayne Visser – Expert in Sustainability, CSR International


P3 Gallery Space, London, UK


British Journal of Photography
Canon UK
Colour Confidence
Hotshoe International
Olympus UK
Square Group

2nd Annual WESTPHOTO Photography Prize


The world today is in continuous transformation: every aspect of our daily lives is tied to in an unstoppable process of metamorphosis and change. Society, family, work, city and communication: past, present and future elapse, flows and collide with one another. We look at ourselves and ask who we are, and find it hard to recognize people and places of 10 years ago. At the same time we keep an eye on what is to come. We indulge to anticipate – what is going to happen to us?

westPHOTO and Grafiche Antiga are holding the 2nd Annual Photography Prize and are inviting all current and past University of Westminster students to enter their images reflecting the topic “Transform”.


Laura Noble – Photographers’ Gallery
Marta Galliozzi – Grafiche Antiga
Aldo Pavan – Photographer
Cesare Gerolimetto – Photographer
Raine Smith – University of Westminster


London, UK
Grafiche Antiga, Treviso, Italy


grafiche antiga

1st Annual WESTPHOTO Photography Prize


London is one of the most inspiring, overpopulated, multi-cultural, polluted, energetic, industrial and politicised cities in the world. We are promoting a photographic competition that depicts London in the widest sense. How do you see London? What is London? Where are you in London? And how do you want to show others your vision of London? Submit your favourite pictures of London.


Lorna Mary Webb – Rhubarb Rhubarb
Andy Golding – Head of Photography and Film, University of Westminster
Kate Edwards – The Guardian


Calumet Photographic