May 2017

6th Annual WESTPHOTO Photography Prize 2012: State of the Nation This year the competition focussed on observations, concepts and projects exploring the current state of the UK. We invited students and Alumni from Universities in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to submit their work. We see the Photography Prize as a great opportunity to investigate the current state of affairs throughout the country. [embed][/embed] The four Universities were: University of Westminster, University

  5th Annual WESTPHOTO Photography Prize FAMILY AND THE FAMILIAR This year’s University of Westminster WESTPHOTO Annual Photography Prize – which has ‘Family & The Familiar’ as its theme – promises to be the biggest so far. The concept of family is constantly changing, with every person forming their own definition. Being familiar gives us confidence and security and is a guarantor for a multi-cultural society.

  4th Annual WESTPHOTO Photography Prize Border Borders define our daily existence; they are created by nature and created by man. Borders control our movements and act as guidelines for everyday life. There are at least two sides to every border. They can be concealed; they can be visible or just exist in our minds. westPHOTO in collaboration with Aalto University, Helsinki and Lette Verein,

3rd Annual WESTPHOTO Photography Prize Sustainability Is sustainability a disposable word used by politicians in an attempt to look green? Or is it a symbol of love and friendship, something that is durable and defendable to the last? Can hate be a sustainable thing? When scientist in their science laboratories create powerful drugs and inventions, are they really made to be infinite? And why

2nd Annual WESTPHOTO Photography Prize TRANSFORM The world today is in continuous transformation: every aspect of our daily lives is tied to in an unstoppable process of metamorphosis and change. Society, family, work, city and communication: past, present and future elapse, flows and collide with one another. We look at ourselves and ask who we are, and find it hard to recognize people and

1st Annual WESTPHOTO Photography Prize London London is one of the most inspiring, overpopulated, multi-cultural, polluted, energetic, industrial and politicised cities in the world. We are promoting a photographic competition that depicts London in the widest sense. How do you see London? What is London? Where are you in London? And how do you want to show others your vision of London? Submit your